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Data Projects


K-12 Education for Low Income Students during COVID-19

This project documents the pivoted services offered by government and private schools, and other service providers during the pandemic.


Quantitative Analysis of State School Education Laws

In collaboration with the Mercatus Center, we undertook a quantitative analysis of all 145 state school education laws in India in January 2021.


Master Dashboard for Elementary Education in India

An interactive dashboard that collates data from UDISE, NAS, and other publicly available sources on elementary education in India.


Legislative Landscape of Agriculture Land Laws

A matrix that compares how the conversion, sale, and leasing of agricultural land is regulated across states.


Discretion Analysis of Change of Land Use

A matrix that analyses the level and extent of discretion that bureaucrats have in granting conversion of agricultural land.


Street Vendors Rules and Schemes Matrix

A cross-tabulation of the key features of  all state rules and schemes under the Street Vendors Act, 2014.


Quantitative Analysis of National Laws in India

Interactive dashboards and visualisations based on a quantitative analysis of all 876 national laws in India.